A SurfGal We Adore x Stab Magazine

Words by Stab magazine.

It's the pursuit that keeps us cantering, tongues flapping, into the sunset. If it comes too easy, interest generally wilts and dies. Elegant French beauty is truly worth perseverance, and that's exactly what's present in Réunion Princess Victoria Vergara. Victoria was in Nicaragua when we were trying to contact her. Every missed call and lapsed email was eventually replied with a, "sorry, it's been pumping xx (smiley face) xx." You could almost feel the tropical salt water dripping off her slender sun-kissed fingers as she battled with her moist touch screen. Victoria's been popping up at every turn of late, and we needed to find out more... 

article : http://stabmag.com/girls/a-surf-gal-we-adore-victoria-vergara/